Telling Your First Destination Narrative

Last updated October 7, 2016

Telling Your First Destination Narrative

Last updated October 7, 2016

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Learn how you can use career outcomes and first destination data more effectively both internally and externally at your institution. Using the NACE standards, this webinar will help you gather and present data beyond salary and placement information to paint a clearer picture of the work that your career services office is doing on campus. Specifically we will focus on:

  • Using creative methods for collecting first destination data
  • Moving from data to a compelling impact narrative
  • Sharing your story with internal and external stakeholders

During the training you will hear a case study from Colorado State University. CSU tells its first destination story in a clear and compelling way which has led to increased resources and visibility for its program.

Who should attend?

Higher ed professionals involved in career services and first destination data will benefit from attending this event. This may include individuals from:

  • Career services
  • Alumni relations
  • Directors of internship programs
  • Institutional research and planning
  • Advisors


  • CSU’s model for data collection
    • Using the NACE Comparative Data and Standards
    • Developing a sound data collection process
    • Gathering data beyond employer and salary
  • Keys to powerfully communicating your first destination data
    • Getting buy-in from the top
    • Developing crucial partnerships on campuses offices
    • Having systemic integration into your institution’s traditions and publications
    • Crafting your unique story
    • Creating a multi-modal university campaign
    • Unveiling the data to stakeholders