Nurturing the Developmental Pathway for Research Faculty: An Interactive Discussion for Faculty Research Developers

Nurturing the Developmental Pathway for Research Faculty: An Interactive Discussion for Faculty Research Developers

Faculty research careers are a journey that require strategy and ongoing support. Join us to better understand what the journey looks like and how to approach it more intentionally.


Developing faculty researchers is both a top-down and bottom-up process. For the administrator helping to develop faculty researchers, maximizing the potential of faculty means preparing and supporting them in the logical progression of a faculty research journey, not just in securing external funding (as vital as that may be). For the faculty researcher, long term strategic planning requires going beyond short-term goals like trying to get through a semester or publishing the next article. It requires intentional decisions that serve as steppingstones for not just the next move, but the larger career plan.

Join us for a free webinar to be introduced to the key components and skillsets that set up faculty to be successful researchers. You will have a chance to discuss the following with our panelists and your peers across the nation:

  • Jumpstarting faculty research careers
    The career arc of a higher ed researcher is multi-faceted, and newcomers often do not understand the steps they need to take to set themselves up for success–especially the concept of positioning and strategic long-term planning.
  • Key components and skillsets of successful research faculty
    We will unpack the major milestones researchers go through on their journey, including positioning oneself to be a contributor to the field, proposal development, what to do when your funding request is declined, and how to approach sustainability and an overall career trajectory.
  • Sustainability and overall career trajectory
    Obtaining external funding is just the beginning when thinking about one’s research career trajectory. What does it look like instead to think about each goal in relation to an overall career plan? How do you keep the momentum going?

Who should attend?

Administrators responsible for faculty development, from both academic affairs and research offices will benefit from this discussion. Junior research faculty who want to better understand 1) how intentional and strategic planning can set them up for success and 2) how to navigate the institutional support networks that exist at their institutions will also benefit.