Taking Your Orientation Online to Solve Common Challenges


Taking Your Orientation Online to Solve Common Challenges


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Taking Your Orientation Online to Solve Common Challenges

Hear how one brick-and-mortar institution uses online orientation to meet the needs of modern students.


1)  The Impact of Utah State’s Online Orientation:  You’ll learn why Utah State switched to an online orientation, what problems is has solved, and the outcomes they’ve seen with it.   

2)  The Five Building Blocks of a Phased, Modular Online Orientation:    

  • Building Block #1:  Identify the Right Resources – What IT platforms are available and within budget, and how can you start small? 
  • Building Block #2:  Identify Stakeholders – Which campus constituents do you need to include, and how do you get their buy-in? 
  • Building Block #3:  Design and Customize Your Content – How can you create a narrative for students that helps them understand their opportunities and responsibilities? 
  • Building Block #4:  Manage Information Overload – How do you ensure you have ownership of the information presented, and how do you communicate it to students in a concise way? 
  • Building Block #5:  Keep the Human Connection – How can you make your students feel like they are part of a community? 


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