Strategies to Enhance Staff Well-being

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Strategies to Enhance Staff Well-being


The need for work/life balance and the mitigation of burnout among staff is at an all-time high. A recent LinkedIn poll by HireEd Careers indicated that 81% of higher ed employees feel overworked because there are not enough people in their unit to complete all of the necessary tasks. At a point where employees cannot work any harder but it all still needs to get done, how can we create some semblance of balance for our staff—and for ourselves?

Join Dr. Therese Lask, Head of Practice for Leadership at Academic Impressions, in a discussion of how to enhance your overall happiness and well-being. Using Martin Seligman’s PERMA model, Dr. Lask will share ways you can help your staff connect their work to a larger purpose. Employing this model will allow you and your staff to identify individual successes and understand how they contribute to the success of the entire team.

In this free discussion-based session, you will learn about:

  • Positive emotion
  • Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Achievement

You will come away with useful, actionable ideas and insights that you can apply quickly to build well-being among your team.