Growing Research Collaboration Through External University Partnerships

Last updated January 9, 2019

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January 9, 2019

Growing Research Collaboration Through External University Partnerships

Last updated January 9, 2019

Learn how to establish sustainable external partnerships to boost your institution’s research exposure and visibility.


Today, there is increasing pressure on institutions to engage in research, garner more funding, and contribute to innovation and economic development.

For those trying to take their research activity off the ground, establishing an external university partnership can be just the right strategic step to boost growth and enhance the visibility of their institution’s research initiatives. In addition to improving the student experience, research partnerships can also allow universities to be leaders as well as collaborators in their own areas of expertise.

Join us and our experienced speaker, Dr. Geoff Payne, for this online training where we will discuss the various types of external partnerships and how you can build them successfully from the ground up. Dr. Payne will also present some case studies, both local and international, and the lessons learnt from each.

Who should attend?

The content of this webcast will benefit those charged with growing research in their school or department, such as: research administrators, directors of research institutes, VPs of research, and associate deans of research.

This webcast is suitable for institutions at different levels of engagement with research partnerships, including:

  • Those who are trying to set up partnerships for the first time and are not familiar with best practices
  • Those who already have established partnerships that they are trying to take to the next level or make more sustainable
  • Those who have tried having partnerships in the past, but with little success


In this online training, our expert instructor, Dr. Geoff Payne will walk us through the steps of understanding and executing external research partnerships:

  • Value of external partnerships in growing research
  • Principles of a beneficial partnership
  • The “three-prongs” of partnerships:
    • University to university
    • Faculty to faculty
    • Faculty to student
  • Real-life case studies of various types of external partnerships and lessons learned from each