Cultural Humility: A Framework to Mitigate Personal Bias

Last updated February 15, 2021

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February 15, 2021

Cultural Humility: A Framework to Mitigate Personal Bias

Last updated February 15, 2021

Develop a practice that promotes wonderment and curiosity about the diversity of others in your daily interactions.


We all have biases that show up in our interactions and perceptions of others.  But these biases can be problematic when they are used unconsciously or consciously to judge, misinterpret, or limit our interactions with others.  How often do you pause and reflect on your social interactions and ask yourself “What did I assume about this person that was not accurate”?   By reflecting and holding ourselves accountable to how biases show up in our interactions, we not only encourage our own personal growth, but we also create opportunitto fully understand another person’s lived experience.   

Join us online to understand the root cause of your biases and develop a practice that helps mitigate bias in your interactions with others.  In this training, you will learn how to develop cultural humility as a framework and daily practice that helps you: 

  • Suspend judgement and be curious about other people’s perspectives and backgrounds 
  • Ask questions to aid you in reflection about your own beliefs and behaviors  
  • Interpret your interactions with others 

You will also explore barriers that might perpetuate your assumptions about others and prevent you from developing this practice.  Cultural humility will not only encourage your personal development and growth through self-reflection, but it will also foster meaningful growth in your relationships with others as you begin to experience those relationships with a newfound sense of wonderment and openness.   


Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for individuals who are seeking an opportunity for self-development and are committed to supporting the advancement of diversity and inclusion effortsthis includes any professional who regularly interacts with diverse individuals on a college campus. 


Section 1:  Understanding Bias & Cultural Humility
First, our instructor will help you understand personal bias including how you develop and sustain your biases over time.  Next, you will learn the definition of cultural humility and apply this framework to exploryour own biases through two exercises. 

Section 2:  Identifying Barriers to Developing Cultural Humility
We will discuss and identify possible barriers that prevent you from applying cultural humility in your interactions with others, including: 

  • Recognizing your personal triggers 
  • Forgiving yourself and others for missteps 
  • Believing that you or others can change   

Section 3  Applying Cultural Humility
Our instructor will guide you through a facilitated exercise that will help you foster cultural humility in your daily routine to identify, analyze, challenge, and mitigate your personal biases.