Leading and Structuring an Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative: A Case Study from Illinois State University

Last updated February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021

Leading and Structuring an Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative: A Case Study from Illinois State University

Last updated February 11, 2021

Get ideas for how to plan and implement a successful inclusive pedagogy initiative.


As part of larger diversity and inclusion efforts, many institutions have inclusive pedagogy initiatives underway. But the way they are approaching them when it comes to scope, level of resourcing, and degree of partnership and involvement across academic units varies widely. It can be difficult for those charged with leading inclusive pedagogy initiatives to know how and where to get started or how to broaden and deepen their impact.  

Join us online to learn about an exemplary inclusive pedagogy initiative from Illinois State University. You will gain insight into how the initiative was conceived, built, and implemented. Through the lens of her own experience, our instructor will share pieces of advice and lessons learned around the following key questions:  

  • How do you conduct a faculty needs assessment?  
  • What strategies can you use to foster cross-divisional partnership and buy-in from academic leaders?  
  • How can you effectively resource the initiative absent of robust CTL or faculty affairs resources? 
  • How can you build visibility around the initiative across the institution? 

Who should attend?

Anyone charged with leading or interested in learning more about leading an inclusive pedagogy initiative on their campus will benefit from this program. This may include:  

  • Faculty affairs leaders  
  • Directors of CTLs/Centers for Faculty Success  
  • Instructional designers/technologists  
  • Deans 
  • Chairs  
  • Faculty 


I. What does ISU’s initiative look like and what impact is it making?  

You’ll see an overview of Illinois State’s Framework for Inclusive Teaching Excellence and learn about the initial successes and outcomes the effort has had.   


II. Planning for the Initiative  

In this section, we’ll discuss how Illinois State approached the conception and planning of their inclusive pedagogy initiative. You’ll gain tips and lessons learned for how to:  

  • Conduct a successful front-end faculty needs assessment  
  • Strategically involve faculty and academic leaders in the planning process in ways that maximize buy-in and participation 

III. Implementing the Initiative  

Our instructor will discuss how her team implemented the Framework for Inclusive Teaching Excellence and share strategies and pieces of advice for how to:   

  • Form a cross-functional implementation team consisting of both faculty and staff 
  • Create goal banks to guide and support the implementation process  
  • Identify professional development priorities and create year-long professional development plans at the department level  
  • Incentivize faculty participation  
  • Secure ongoing support and visibility for the initiative across the institution