Strategic Stewardship to Improve Donor Retention

Last updated January 14, 2022

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1h 1m

Last Updated

January 14, 2022

Strategic Stewardship to Improve Donor Retention

Last updated January 14, 2022

Meaningfully connect with key donor populations to improve donor retention efforts.


In light of an industry-wide decline in both overall giving as well as in changing donor expectations, it is more important than ever that advancement shops of all sizes take a strategic donor stewardship approach. Employing tactics like segmentation and personalized recognition and engagement touchpoints, and demonstrating impact by tying gifts to ongoing institutional priorities can help to ensure that your donors continue to give, and that you retain them over time.

Join us for a live session that will help you to tie your donor retention efforts more directly to the fundraising bottom line. Our expert instructor Sarah Sims, Executive Director of Donor Engagement at the University of Houston, will share strategies like the following that lead to improved donor retention rates:

  • Adjusting your approach by donor population
  • Segmentation and messaging best practices
  • How to shift organizational culture to a donor-centered retention mindset


Who should attend?

New and seasoned professionals who work in annual giving stewardship or donor relations will benefit from attending this event.


March 9, 2022

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern


Our expert instructor will cover:

Identifying Priority Donor Populations for Targeted Stewardship

Throughout the pandemic, you have likely seen an influx in new first-time donors via your emergency fund campaigns and giving days. Since they feed your donor pipeline, this large segment of donors is an especially important group to retain. In this section, you will learn how to target your donor relations and communications efforts per donor population to improve your retention efforts long-term.


Demonstrating Impact to Improve Retention

By developing multi-channel and multi-touch content that drives affinity and reinforces impact, there are many tools that can demonstrate the impact of donor gifts. Whether the donation is a one-time gift or a test gift, you will learn how to find connections between the gift and ongoing institutional priorities that can inspire future giving.



Putting Principles into Practice: A “Giving Day” Case Study

Here, we will introduce you to a case study to showcase how you can strategically plan and pre-build collateral to manage stewardship in real-time. By focusing on priority donor populations and special recognitions, you will understand how your institution can improve donor retention by using metrics, reporting, and strategic stewardship pivots that are relevant to your goals.