Build Critical Thinking through Project-Based Learning

Last updated January 20, 2015

Course Length

1h 30m

Last Updated

January 20, 2015

Build Critical Thinking through Project-Based Learning

Last updated January 20, 2015


A recent Inside Higher Ed survey highlights that 97% of provosts believe their institutions effectively prepare students for the workforce.  However, AAC&U reports far fewer employers agree. In fact, only 26% of employers give high marks to recent graduates’ ability to think critically.

To bridge this gap, institutions must begin integrating an approach that forces students to solve real-world problems through deeper and more critical thinking. Join us online for an in-depth examination of one proven approach: project-based learning courses. We will cover critical issues including:

  • Defining the targeted skill set
  • Finding external community partners
  • Scaling project-based learning experiences
  • Assessing the impact in critical thinking

Who should attend?

Academic faculty and administrators who are integrating critical thinking and hands-on learning into their curriculum will learn new strategies to build project-based learning experiences.


  • Defining Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Classroom Structure and Phases
    • Student-Driven Projects
    • Project Guidance
    • Forms
    • Student Reporting
    • Networking and Real-World Application
  • Identifying the Learning Process
    • PBL Learning Model
    • Connection and Application to Assessment
  • Challenges of Implementing PBL in the Classroom
    • Assessment and Skill Development
    • Success Stories
    • Current Research

Extra Resources

These resources were developed by our speaker and can be modified and used in your own courses.

  • Student Project Proposal Form
  • Project Work Phase Form
  • Personal Reflection
  • Student Assessment Questionnaire
  • Teacher Assessment Questionnaire