Tuition Setting: Maximizing Net Tuition Revenue


Tuition Setting: Maximizing Net Tuition Revenue


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Tuition: raise it, lower it, or stay the course?



We will address the following three key points and highlight each with institutional examples:

1. Risks and implications of different tuition pricing models

What are the options available for adjusting tuition? What are the risks and implications associated with each option that should be considered up front?

2. Anticipating the impact of your tuition decision on various student segments

What data can be used to predict what the impact of a tuition adjustment on different student segments? (i.e. In-state vs. out-of-state, new vs. current students, students with different levels of financial need, etc.)

3. Educating your board and other internal stakeholders

How can you educate the board and other internal stakeholders to help them better understand the relationship between tuition and net tuition revenue?



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