10 Powerful Strategies to Beat Procrastination

Last updated February 4, 2019

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February 4, 2019

10 Powerful Strategies to Beat Procrastination

Last updated February 4, 2019

Break the unhealthy cycle and get a handle on your stubborn procrastination habits.


Research shows that approximately 25% of us are chronic procrastinators.  We tend to accept procrastination as an inevitability, and yet it can wreck careers, marriages, and health, if not managed.  If you fall into this category, you likely identify with this cycle: 

Cycle of Procrastination 

  1. You have something to do. 
  2. You probably don’t want to do it. Maybe you think it will take too much time, or maybe the details confuse you. In any case you’re anxious about it. 
  3. To avoid the negative feelings and thoughts, you choose something else to do. The “something else” may be productive. Meanwhile, the original task waits for you, and you feel guilty for not completing it. 
  4. The shadow of the task leads to even more stress and even more avoidance. You experience self-talk like “I will feel like doing it later” or “I will have more time tomorrow.” 
  5. You eventually start and finish the task, but it takes longer than it should and is usually a painful process. 

Join us online to take the first step towards escaping this pernicious cycle. We’ll offer 10 powerful strategies to deal with procrastination, and we’ll bust the myth that you do your best work under pressure.   

Who should attend?

If you identify with the cycle of procrastination described above, you will benefit from this session.  The strategies we’ll share will help you emerge from the shadows of procrastination to produce better work.


We’ll explore 10 strategies that you can enact right away to deal with procrastination, including strategies to: 

  • Start the work 
  • Reward the progress 
  • Eliminate the distractions 

You will leave with new ways of thinking about this age-old problem.  Procrastination is not a time management issue, and it does not enable your best work.