Rebuilding Trust Between Faculty and Administration

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Rebuilding Trust Between Faculty and Administration

Learn how other institutions are rebuilding trust between faculty and administration in the wake of the pandemic.


As COVID positivity rates decrease and institutions progress into a semester that, for many, represents the greatest return to normality since March 2020, higher-ed leaders are finally getting the chance to breathe and reflect. In taking stock of the entire experience, many are finding that—due to budget cuts, furloughs, and/or inconsistency in communication and support during the pandemic (whether perceived or actual)—there has been some trust lost between the faculty and administration. As we move forward, the question becomes, how can we rebuild it?

Join us alongside your peers across the nation for a free webinar to discuss this issue. Julie Nash, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at UMass Lowell, will facilitate a conversation around the following questions:

  • What are some ways that a loss of trust between faculty and administration are showing up at your institution?
  • How are you communicating and making space for dialogue with your faculty?
  • In what ways are you continuing to enhance or formalize faculty support across the institution?
  • What strategies are you using to recognize and celebrate faculty successes and achievements?

You’ll leave this webinar with a greater awareness of how other higher-ed leaders are rebuilding trust with their faculty, as well as new ideas for how to move forward.

Who should attend?

This training is designed for higher-ed leaders a) for whom the challenge of rebuilding trust between faculty and administration resonates, and b) who would like to hear how peers at other institutions across the nation are thinking about and addressing this issue.