The 3 Critical Elements to Include in Department Chair Training

Last updated April 19, 2024

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April 19, 2024

The 3 Critical Elements to Include in Department Chair Training

Last updated April 19, 2024

Want the secret sauce? Join us to learn the most effective ways to support your department chairs through training.


Chairs occupy an essential position on our campuses, sitting at the intersection point that connects our faculty to institutional strategy, context, and culture. They also make some of the most impactful decisions that shape the university, overseeing decisions related to hiring, promotion, and curriculum. Yet for most institutions, the support and training available to chairs is minimal.  

Most of the training provided to chairs is limited to topics like how to work with HR, budgeting, and promotion & tenure. But what truly separates effective chairs from ineffective chairs are their leadership skills, such as:  

  • A deep self-awareness of their own strengths and gaps 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • Dealing with conflict 
  • Running effective meetings
  • And more

Academic Impressions has been trusted to effectively train department chairs across the U.S. and Canada for over ten years. In this free webcast, we’ll discuss the keys to our success, what works and what doesn’t, and create a space for others to share their best practices.  

If you need to start or enhance chair development at your own institution, we invite you to join us for this program.  

Who should attend?

Those who oversee chair development will benefit from this session, including provosts and vice provosts for faculty affairs.


Expand Your Leadership Programming

Leadership development has emerged as one of the most important priorities for institutions today. Academic Impressions has worked with more institutions to build leadership programs than any other organization in higher education. In the second presentation in 2024 of this unique event, we will share what we have learned over 15 years of developing leaders and supporting in-house programs. Sign up for “Building an In-House Leadership Development Program in Higher Education,” a two-day workshop in Denver that will help you to take steps to develop leaders on your own campus. Learn more here.


Academic Impressions’ Comprehensive Department Chair Training

Academic Impressions provides a variety of training options for department chairs. Our offerings aim to help chairs identify a practical and dynamic approach to leadership while also being authentic to who they are. Use our targeted programs to supplement your existing training curriculum by pairing with our self-paced, short-form content, cohort-based flagship programs, individual or group coaching, and custom options targeting your individual personal development needs while aligning with the strategic initiatives you are working towards. Learn more here.