Prior-Prior Year: Preparing Your Institution


Prior-Prior Year: Preparing Your Institution


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Are your financial aid and enrollment offices sufficiently prepared for Prior-Prior Year?


Shifting deadlines and dates
How are other institutions adjusting their dates and deadlines for:

  • Tuition setting?
  • FAFSA deadlines?
  • Financial aid awarding?
  • Admissions applications?
  • Admissions decisions?

Communication plan
How are other institutions planning to communicate with the following entities about these changes:

  • Prospective parents and families?
  • Prospective students?
  • Cross-campus partners who will also be impacted by PPY?
  • High school guidance counselors?

Financial aid staffing and workflows
In response to the changes that PPY will bring, are other institutions planning to:

  • Change their award notification letters? If so, how?
  • Ramp up communications/awareness campaigns about the IRS data retrieval tool? The net price calculator? If so, how?
  • Increase or change communications regarding the financial aid appeals process?
  • Hire additional financial aid staff for increased capacity?

Recruitment and Yield
What tactics are other institutions considering to:

  • Strengthen yield communication during the extended yield time frame that PPY will bring?
  • Adjust the timing/nature of campus visit events to maximize impact?
  • Extend the recruitment pipeline even further to high school juniors?

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