Group Collaboration: Relaunching Research Operations (Virtual Training)


Group Collaboration: Relaunching Research Operations (Virtual Training)


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Group Collaboration: Relaunching Research Operations

Learn the key considerations for relaunching campus research operations after COVID-19 closures and dialogue with peers doing the same work at other institutions.

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  1. Your Checklist: Relaunching Research Operations at Your Institution

The presenters will briefly introduce the three major categories for thinking through a research relaunch at your institution. They include:

  1. Coordination around bringing researchers back on campus
  • How do we decide which researchers are eligible to come back to campus?
  • How can we coordinate with PIs and the facilities side to ensure there aren’t too many people together on campus at any given moment?
  1. Establishing guidelines for labs (including human subjects and animal research)
  • Should we outfit everyone entering the labs with personal protective equipment? Logistically and cost-wise, what would this entail?
  • What guidelines should we set forth for what should and should not be done with respect to human subjects and animal research during this time?
  • How do we enforce social distancing requirements and ensure proper cleaning?
  1. Research communications – How to send your message to stakeholders
  • How can research communications partner with leadership to ensure a smooth relaunch process?
  • How can we establish a coherent, centralized communications stream to minimize confusion?
  • Which forums have been effective for other institutions in keeping research communications going while working remotely?
  1. Small-Group Discussion

You will break into small groups and discuss challenges and possible solutions for planning around each of the three major areas. The speakers will join these rooms periodically to help answer questions and provide feedback.

  1. Q&A Wrap-Up with Speakers

You will report back to the main room and share your ideas with the rest of your colleagues, and the speakers will respond to any outlying questions or issues that arose during the small-group discussions.

Why is this event retired?

At AI we want to always ensure that the best and most current trainings are available to members, and we regularly review our trainings to ensure that is the case.