Creating a High-Touch Online Summer Bridge Program

Last updated April 27, 2020

Course Length

1h 5m

Last Updated

April 27, 2020

Creating a High-Touch Online Summer Bridge Program

Last updated April 27, 2020

Learn how to design an engaging online summer bridge program.


Many institutions are currently in the process of transitioning their summer bridge programs online in light of COVID-19. This is not an intuitive process for those used to designing and running programs face-to-face, bringing with it a host of additional considerations that are best learned from those with prior experience.

In this training, our expert instructor–who has run her institution’s summer bridge program online since its inception–will teach you how to create a truly engaging, high-touch experience as you move your own bridge program online. You will learn strategies and pitfalls to avoid around program elements such as:

  • Course structure
  • Technology and software
  • Team assignments and informal activities
  • Student coaches

Who should attend?

If you are a Student Affairs or Academic Affairs administrator overseeing a summer bridge program for incoming students—and if you are in the process of either bringing your existing face-to-face summer bridge program online or building a brand-new online summer bridge program from scratch—this training is for you.


1. Structuring your program

We’ll discuss the following considerations for structuring your summer bridge program with engagement in mind:

  • Working backward from intended learning outcomes
  • Sequence and structure of activities and assignments
  • Technology and software

2. Making your program high-touch

During the second half of our session, we’ll cover ways to ensure that your summer bridge program is interactive and personalized:

  • Using student coaches
  • Team assignments and informal activities
  • 1:1 appointments with faculty