Mapping Your Tenure, Promotion, or Reappointment Statement: A 7-Day Practical Program

Last updated June 29, 2021

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Last Updated

June 29, 2021

Mapping Your Tenure, Promotion, or Reappointment Statement: A 7-Day Practical Program

Last updated June 29, 2021

Join our 7-day program to learn how to guide your committee and present a strong, cohesive case for your promotion.


The processes of promotion, reappointment, and tenure are consistent drivers of faculty stress. However, learning how to write a professional statement effectively can alleviate some of that pressure.

The professional statement is a strategic opportunity to tell the powerful story of your hard-won accomplishments over the years and guide your review committee in their analysis of your work. The statement should highlight important themes, identify patterns of contribution across areas, and offer a general frame for interpreting the breadth of your achievements.

This course will provide strategies for shaping your myriad accomplishments into a cohesive structure that presents a strong case for tenure, promotion, or reappointment.


For 7 days, you will get daily emails Monday through Friday with bite-sized videos that you can watch in 10 minutes or less each day. The instructor will also share some guiding questions throughout the videos to help you complete your statement. New cohorts start every Monday.

Integrate professional development into your daily routine and master the process and best practices for writing a successful tenure, promotion, or reappointment statement.

Important note: This 7-day program is only the beginning. To complete a successful tenure, promotion, or reappointment statement, we recommend that each day, you review your daily video and spend some time thinking about the concept or process step you learned. Then, you will have the chance to return to each step of the writing process in your own time when you’re ready to fully realize your statement.


Day 1 | 4 minutes

Watch: Introduction: Telling the Story of Your Work and Pre-Writing: Pre-Writing Strategies



Day 2 | 4 minutes

Watch: Pre-Writing: Value Audit



Day 3 | 4 minutes

Watch: Pre-Writing: Audience Analysis



Day 4 | 3 minutes

Watch: Pre-Writing: Artifact Review



Day 5 | 4 minutes

Watch: Pre-Writing: Identity Mapping



Week 2

Day 6 | 7 minutes

Watch: Crafting Your Statement

Review: BLUF Example 1 and BLUF Example 2 (in the resource packet)



Day 7 | 3 minutes

Watch: Editing & Other Considerations

Review: Service Opening Examples(in the resource packet)