Optimize Your Fundraising Efforts Through Generative Artificial Intelligence

Last updated June 17, 2024

Course Length

1h 37m

Last Updated

June 17, 2024

Optimize Your Fundraising Efforts Through Generative Artificial Intelligence

Last updated June 17, 2024

Grow your skills and experiment with Generative AI in real-time.


What would you do with an extra 4 hours in your work week? 

In recent years, large for-profit businesses have been using artificial intelligence to win over consumer interest, despite a highly competitive market. Given the rise of more competitor “noise” in the eyes and ears of your alumni or donors, you may have been wondering how artificial intelligence can improve or enhance your own fundraising efforts. Or perhaps you have already experimented with artificial intelligence tools but are curious to learn about additional opportunities—or maybe you’d like to discuss and address barriers that you have faced when using these kinds of programs yourself. 

Whether you are new to artificial intelligence or a seasoned user, we invite you to join us online to learn the difference between predictive versus generative artificial intelligence, and how these tools can be easily incorporated into your current fundraising strategy. You will learn the added value that these tools can bring to your daily work in advancement, including how they can help to free up your time so that you can spend it in high-quality, interactive conversations, instead. This two-hour session is intentionally designed to provide both a lecture on artificial intelligence, as well as an artificial intelligence prompt engineering lab where all participants will get to practice using artificial intelligence for their own unique fundraising purposes. 

Who should attend?

This session is applicable to anyone working in advancement who wishes to learn more about the benefits of artificial intelligence and the role it can play in enhancing your fundraising efforts.


Artificial Intelligence Overview
Since we know that most advancement shops across the country are not yet using this new technology in their fundraising efforts, the first hour of the workshop will provide all participants with an overview of what artificial intelligence is. Our speaker will define and share the difference between predictive and generative artificial intelligence, and you’ll learn how generative AI can help you to improve quality and efficiency as you put together such elements as appeal letters or other forms of outreach.



Generative Artificial Intelligence Prompt Engineering Skill Development
The second hour of this workshop will give all participants an opportunity to practice utilizing generative artificial intelligence after learning the mechanics of this technical tool. Whether you are interested in creating a new appeal letter targeting a larger audience or an appeal letter directed at a more segmented one, you will practice using the tools as you’re guided through a step-by-step tutorial by the speaker. We also invite you to share your best trips and tricks if you’re already using artificial intelligence in your own shop.