Managing Online Course Workload

Last updated November 19, 2014

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1h 32m

Last Updated

November 19, 2014

Managing Online Course Workload

Last updated November 19, 2014

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Facilitating successful online courses can be major time drains for instructors if not approached correctly. As the number of online courses that each faculty member is asked to facilitate increases, effectively managing and maintaining course quality becomes difficult. Utilizing best practices for the design, management, and facilitation of online courses will improve instructors’ capacity to deliver high quality programs in an efficient manner.

Join our expert instructor for an online training to learn innovative approaches for efficiently managing your course workload in online instruction. We will discuss time efficient strategies for:

  • Designing courses and assignments
  • Providing personalized student feedback
  • Facilitating productive discussion boards
  • Integrating just-in-time course improvements

Who should attend?

Through this offering faculty developers will gain increased awareness of best practices in strategies, techniques, and resources that enable faculty to manage online workload and improve their pedagogy in the online teaching environment. Academic leaders will also gain a better understanding of the challenges and demands placed on online instructors in the distance learning environment.


  • Course Design and Preparation
    • Setting student expectations
    • Designing a course syllabus and assignments
    • Providing student support
  • Course Management
    • Facilitating discussion boards
    • Managing required feedback
    • Utilizing efficient technology
    • Encouraging peer interaction
    • Using learning objects
    • Just-in time teaching
  • Course Improvement and Revision Strategies
    • Formative and summative evaluation of course
    • Content modification
  • Institutional Strategies
    • Efficient course scheduling
    • Design support
    • Multimedia/Technical support