Predictive Analytics for Improved Student Success Interventions

Last updated June 16, 2017

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June 16, 2017

Predictive Analytics for Improved Student Success Interventions

Last updated June 16, 2017


This two-part online training series will help you identify key predictive data, use that data to select retention programming, and assess the overall effectiveness of your interventions. Expert instructor, Russ Little, brings knowledge and experience from across the nation. You will learn:

  • Strategies to inventory and map your current intervention strategy
  • How to utilize predictive data in selecting student success interventions
  • Measures and processes to evaluate your retention impact
  • Approaches to demonstrating student support programming ROI

You will leave this webcast better able to use predictive data to create tailored retention plans for your students.

Who should attend?

Retention focused professionals searching for strategies to enhance the effectiveness of student interventions should attend this event. Institutional researchers, student support, and academic professionals will all gain insight into the key data you should be evaluating and the steps to take to ensure your alert response programming is the most effective. You will find this training most helpful if you watch it as a cross-campus team that might address this effort.


Session 1: Inventory and Map Interventions for Use with Predictive Analytics

  • Defining the Role of Predictive Analytics in Student Success
  • Best Practice Case Study – The Student Success Matrix*
    • Inventorying interventions
    • Connecting predictive data to interventions
    • Key programming and operational considerations
    • How to get started
  • Building in an Assessment Structure

Session 2: Prioritizing Interventions through Effective Assessment

  • Defining the Importance of Intervention Measurement
  • Frameworks and Common Data Definitions: Know What You Are Measuring
    • Establishing a baseline and benchmarks
    • Tracking and measuring cohorts and segments
    • Deeper intervention measurements
  • The Virtuous Cycle: Closing the Loop
  • Evaluating ROI and Prioritization
  • Key Programming/Operation Considerations
  • How to Get Started