Are You a Reluctant Leader?

Last updated March 30, 2018

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March 30, 2018

Are You a Reluctant Leader?

Last updated March 30, 2018


To confront the current and future challenges facing higher education we need our best leaders to step forward. Too often, however, leaders who have the right set of skills and motivations are hesitant or reluctant to lead. They wait to be recognized; they feel uncomfortable “selling” their accomplishments; and they don’t want to “play politics.” The unfortunate result is that neither the individual nor the institution benefits.

In this webcast, we’ll differentiate from issues of self-confidence and imposter syndrome, and take a deep dive into what causes some leaders to hesitate and what they can do about it. We’ll also look at organizational factors that contribute, as well as how existing leaders can identify and support these promising new leaders.

Who should attend?

We encourage managers to host the webcast and invite key members from their teams to attend. This webcast can jumpstart a conversation within your team about who is a reluctant leader and what can be done to tap more of the leadership potential in your unit or division.


  1.       Identifying self-made barriers that can hold you back as a leader
  2.       Informal assessment: Are you a reluctant leader?
  3.       Rediscovering your strengths and gifts as a leader
  4.       Creating a proactive game plan
  5.       Tough advice for reluctant leaders