Train Your Faculty to be Better Online Instructors

Last updated May 13, 2019

Course Length

1h 55m

Last Updated

May 13, 2019

Train Your Faculty to be Better Online Instructors

Last updated May 13, 2019

Do your faculty get enough support for success in the online teaching environment?


As online programs continue to grow in popularity, the need to train faculty to adjust traditional classroom teaching styles and become effective online instructors is more critical than ever.

If you’re responsible for making sure your faculty feel successful in the online classroom, join this webcast to experience one approach to training faculty used at Samuel Merritt University. Samuel Merritt immerses faculty in an online learning environment for a 2-week course, imparting instructional methods and techniques and creating empathy for the online student experience. You will get to experience lessons from their course, such as how to create presence or offer meaningful feedback online, and you’ll leave with tips for how to implement these techniques on your campus.

Who should attend?

Deans, Directors of Online Programs, Directors of CTLs, and Faculty Developers wanting to support online faculty—not just on technology but also on instructional methods and techniques—will benefit from this session.

This webcast is best suited for institutions who are expanding into online instruction and/or have blended/hybrid programs.


The speaker will immerse you in various lessons from the online training program used at Samuel Merritt University so that you can experience first-hand how their faculty are trained online. During the webcast, you will:

  1. Learn about the overall design and infrastructure of the training program
  2. Experience a lesson on how to respond to adult learners’ needs in an online environment
  3. Experience a lesson in how to create presence online
  4. Experience a lesson in how to effectively provide feedback to students online
  5. Learn how to implement these techniques within your own training program