Building Digital Communities in Co-Curricular Spaces (Virtual Workshop)


Building Digital Communities in Co-Curricular Spaces (Virtual Workshop)


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Josie Alquist
Digital Engagement and Leadership Speaker, Author,
Consultant & Coach, Florida State University Research
Associate & Leadership Instructor

Course Highlights

  • 73m of video instruction
  • Downloadable resources

Course Details

Released 7/15/2020

As you prepare for a partially or fully remote fall semester, you are likely feeling pressure to ensure students can still participate in co-curricular activities online. The peer-to-peer connections and the sense of belonging these activities help foster are invaluable and are integral to student success. But what can co-curricular engagement look like online?

Watch this recording to learn how to build digital communities that foster meaningful engagement and connection in co-curricular spaces. Our expert instructor will walk you through four principles for building community online – inclusivity, impact, intentionality, and interactivity – and will teach you how to create, measure, and sustain your community throughout the semester. You will have the opportunity to work on an individualized plan for your digital community regardless of the co-curricular activity you are focused on.

Who Should Attend

This training is primarily intended for student affairs or student success professionals who:

  1. Are focused on bringing a co-curricular activity or program online for the fall semester
  2. Would like to learn how to build community online within that activity or program

Student leaders who are tasked with creating and/or moderating digital communities are also encouraged to attend.

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Why is this event retired?

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