Advocating for Women and Minorities in the Workplace


Advocating for Women and Minorities in the Workplace


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Portrait of Kimberley Pruitt


Kim Pruitt
Assistant Director of Organizational Development
University of South Carolina

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  • 45m of video instruction
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Released 07/2020

Every day, each of us has an opportunity to be an ally to underrepresented colleagues. Whether it’s small actions you take during meetings or significant policy conversations that you lead, there are many ways those with power and privilege can ensure that all voices and perspectives are heard on campus.

Join us for this seminar, which will provide you with simple ways you can be an advocate for women and minorities on your campus. You’ll hear tips and strategies for supporting women and minorities in your one-on-one interactions so you can empower them directly to use their voice. You’ll also identify best practices for bolstering underrepresented voices during your team meetings. You will walk away with ideas for how to invite those in power to join you in the conversation around building advocacy into your policies and procedures.

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