Emerging From the Pandemic: Lessons Learned for Higher Education

Emerging From the Pandemic: Lessons Learned for Higher Education

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How can higher ed's response to the pandemic inform the way we respond to challenges and innovate in the future?


In the last two years we have seen tremendous ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation as higher education adapted to the changing realities of the global pandemic. As our campuses resume operations, it’s critical to reflect on the lessons learned—both in terms of the changes made to operations as well as the lessons on leadership—to prepare for future potential disruptions while also responding to changes already impacting higher education.

Join us for a unique online event where we’ll gather leaders from across the country for a national “After-Action Review” as we identify and discuss the most important lessons from the last two years. We’ll explore such questions as:

  1. What changes to the educational model (instruction, calendar, academic policies) actually served students or faculty better?
  2. Which long-standing assumptions, traditions, and norms did we challenge that unlocked new ideas and new ways of thinking? How can we continue to challenge these going forward?
  3. What lessons on leadership can we derive from the past two years?
  4. Which aspects of the traditional educational model became more valuable?
  5. In which ways did we support student success better during the pandemic, and what are the implications for the future? Which aspects suffered?
  6. Which inequities were amplified, and what have we learned about how to make our institutions more inclusive and equitable?
  7. How will the workforce change as a result of the labor disruptions and work-from-home trends?

Who should attend?

This event is specifically designed for senior leaders from across the institution and across different types of institutions. The conversation will benefit from diverse perspectives and encourage a cross-section of participation from academic affairs, DEI, student success, enrollment management, finance, facilities, HR, and institutional advancement.

Due to the interactive nature of this event, attendance will be limited. Priority registration will be offered to Academic Impressions member institutions and roundtable participants.