Retaining Black Men: Strategies for Before, During, and After College

Last updated June 3, 2022

Retaining Black Men: Strategies for Before, During, and After College

Last updated June 3, 2022

Support Black men through their entire college journey.


While enrollment and retention have dropped during COVID-19 overall, Black men in particular have faced barriers to college entry and completion that have only been further exacerbated by the pandemic. Enrollment for Black men dropped 14.3% in the spring of 2021 compared to the spring semester of 2020, and retention rates for Black men remain among the lowest in higher education overall. Developing a system of support that follows the journey of Black men from pre-enrollment through completion to alumni status can help to close this equity gap.

Join us for an invaluable virtual training on how to set up systems of support for Black men before, during, and after college. Our expert Dr. Vincent Windrow will share insights from his challenges and successes at Middle Tennessee State University, as he discusses how to create a meaningful college experience for Black men all the way through their educational journey. Although Vincent will focus specifically on Black men, his recommendations are useful and applicable for many groups of students. You’ll also work together to create an action plan of steps you can take at each stage to better facilitate and support your Black male students’ time in college.

Who should attend?

This training will benefit those leading or championing retention efforts for Black men. Leaders from across Student Affairs and Student Success, Diversity or Multicultural Affairs Offices, and Academic Affairs are all encouraged to attend.


July 28, 2022

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Eastern

This virtual session will feature discussions around the following topics:

Empowering Black Men Pre-College

You will learn about ways to engage Black men and help to get them oriented before they arrive on campus.


Supporting Black Men During College

You’ll learn about the importance of maintaining intentional connections, both with individuals and offices, as Black men navigate their time on campus.


Celebrating Black Men Post-College

You’ll hear about the importance of continuing to support Black men as they become alumni through displaying their successes and bringing them back to share their insights with new students.