Building Stronger Teams with Empathy and Humility

Last updated April 26, 2022

Course Length

2h 33m

Last Updated

April 26, 2022

Building Stronger Teams with Empathy and Humility

Last updated April 26, 2022

Use empathy and humility as a leader to build and strengthen your own team culture.


The Covid-19 pandemic laid bare issues with retention, psychological safety, and a sense of belonging that leaders in higher education must face on their own teams. Faculty and staff thrive on strong teams with a positive, productive culture, and leaders who are empathic and humble create a team culture where it is possible to undo toxic traits, bridge cultural divides, and increase employee retention.

Join us for an interactive, 3-hour virtual training to help leaders learn how to build practical skills and better demonstrate humility and empathy toward their team members. During the training, we will cover:

  1. What is humility, and how can you use a humble mindset to build empathy?
  2. Why should you want to have humility and empathy as a leader?
  3. Practical applications of empathetic, humble leadership

Who should attend?

This training will benefit new or aspiring leaders in higher education, as well as seasoned leaders who are looking to reevaluate their leadership style to respond to new challenges.


July 18, 2022

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET

Part 1: What are humility and empathy?

We’ll begin by learning what humility is, and how you can use a humble mindset to build empathy. Our experts will walk you through:

  • How to develop humility.
  • How to build empathy.
  • What humility may look like for different groups of people.
  • The dark side of humility and empathy with respect to leadership.


Part 2: Why should you build empathy and humility as a leader?

Next, we’ll discuss how empathy and humility can help you develop as a leader. You’ll learn how leaders with empathy and humility are better able to:

  • Delegate and collaborate on their team.
  • Set appropriate boundaries.
  • Let team members shine.
  • Address conflict on the team.


Part 3: What are the practical applications of empathy and humility?

Finally, we’ll see how empathic and humble leaders are better able to:

  • Increase employee retention.
  • Cultivate empathy and humility in their team members.
  • Undo an inherited toxic team culture.
  • Maintain confidence in their leadership ability.