Communication Strategies to Confront Toxicity in the Workplace (Virtual Workshop)


Communication Strategies to Confront Toxicity in the Workplace (Virtual Workshop)


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Stephanie Hinshaw
Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
American College of Education

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Released 09/2020

If you’ve ever worked in a toxic environment, you know that one of the biggest challenges is confronting the toxicity head-on through conversation. It can be difficult to navigate these conversations because they require you to be direct yet kind. You may feel intimidated because a superior is involved, and/or you may feel alone because your colleagues are scared to address the issue with you.

Join us online for a two-hour training to practice the art of communicating through toxicity. Our expert instructor will provide tips and strategies for how to have a clear, authentic, and vulnerable conversation that can help you address toxicity in your workplace. You’ll also have the opportunity to role-play a difficult conversation with other participants, so you can practice applying these techniques before using them in a real-life context. You’ll walk away with feedback from others that will allow you to approach your next difficult conversation with greater confidence and ease.

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