Fostering Mutual Goodwill Across Your Team: A Step Beyond Servant Leadership

Last updated May 24, 2021

Course Length

1h 43m

Last Updated

May 24, 2021

Fostering Mutual Goodwill Across Your Team: A Step Beyond Servant Leadership

Last updated May 24, 2021

Create a culture within your team where positive communication improves relationships, trust and equity and inclusion efforts.


As higher ed moves into a new post-COVID era and your team is tasked with solving new problems, it is more important than ever to focus on building – and perhaps even rebuilding – a team culture that elicits high levels of trust, collaboration, transparency and equity.

Join us online and learn how Mutual Goodwill can foster an environment of positivity and respect and build a more cohesive and productive team. As an extension of servant leadership, the practice of Mutual Goodwill assumes that in all communications, whether it is a difficult conversation or asking questions, those involved are genuine, positive and helpful in spirit. The practice requires that you not assume an underlying agenda or take on the emotional tone of others, especially if past interactions have been negative or harmful. Each interaction is experienced as a new one with the assumption that the interaction will lead to positive outcomes.

During this interactive training, we will:

  • Define the concept of Mutual Goodwill and how it works
  • Hear success stories and examples that illustrate how Mutual Goodwill can be implemented within a team
  • Assess the readiness of you and your team in adopting this practice
  • Discuss your leadership philosophy and how Mutual Goodwill enhances it
  • Brainstorm with your peers potential barriers that might prevent you from adopting Mutual Goodwill and, more importantly, how to overcome those barriers
  • Identify small and meaningful ways you can begin to model Mutual Goodwill within your team

If you’re looking to improve staff morale, build greater trust and cohesion within your team and generally create a team culture that seeks to help and serve others, especially through differences, this training is for you!

Who should attend?

This training is designed for leaders who are looking to build a cohesive and productive team. If you’re already familiar with and/or practice servant leadership, you will find this training beneficial as Mutual Goodwill is an extension of servant leadership and is something that everyone on your team can practice. However, Mutual Goodwill can be easily adopted no matter what leadership philosophy you practice.


September 1, 2021

1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Eastern

Section 1: Understand The Key Principles of Mutual Goodwill

You will learn more about the key principles of Mutual Goodwill and how it can show up in your daily leadership practice. Your instructor will share examples and success stories that illustrate how Mutual Goodwill can be implemented and the impact it can make within your team.

Section 2: Assess Your Team’s Readiness for Mutual GoodwillSection 2: Assess Your Team’s Readiness for Mutual Goodwill

You will reflect on both your leadership style and the culture of your team. You’ll ask yourself what’s working and where change might be beneficial so that you can determine if and how Mutual Goodwill can benefit your team.

Section 3: Identify Ways to Get Started

In small groups, you’ll discuss how mutual goodwill can work for you and how it might be challenging to execute due to potential barriers. With your peers, you’ll also brainstorm ways to mitigate those barriers, so that you can walk away with simple ways to start practicing Mutual Goodwill within your teams.