Rethinking Search and Hiring Practices

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Rethinking Search and Hiring Practices

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Pre-COVID, most colleges and universities had clear processes and long-standing practices in place for employee search and hiring. But the course of the pandemic and the hybrid workforce in which we are now operating is causing higher ed talent management leaders across North America to rethink these processes in big and small ways.

Join us for a conversation about how others are reshaping their search and hiring practices around the new realities of the workforce. Through facilitated discussion and idea-sharing around the following questions, you’ll learn how other institutions are shifting their approaches to search and hiring both internally and externally:

  • What strategies are others using to meaningfully engage the campus community and build authentic connection with candidates in the virtual environment?
  • How can your institution compete and truly ‘court’ candidates during the search process when campus visits and in-person connection may not be possible?
  • What opportunities exist to strengthen relationships with and strategic involvement from Deans and staff supervisors when it comes to the vacancies in their divisions?

Who should attend?

This session is designed for human resources, talent management, and any other campus leaders interested in sharing ideas about search, hiring, and the hybrid workforce in higher education.