Create Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities for your Major Donors

Last updated August 11, 2022

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1h 24m

Last Updated

August 11, 2022

Create Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities for your Major Donors

Last updated August 11, 2022

Enhance donations by aligning the passions of your leadership volunteers with your institution's key objectives.


Leadership volunteers can help to advance your institutional goals not only through their major gifts, but through their ambassadorship as advocates of the mission you convey, and by opening access to opportunities as well as leveraging expertise and input that only they can provide. However, if you don’t have a defined objective on what these volunteers can help you to accomplish as part of your fundraising strategy, you won’t have the momentum required to achieve the fundraising outcomes your organization desires.

Layering a leadership volunteer’s time and effort into a capital campaign or major initiative is accomplished by developing an engagement plan that aligns their core passion with your fundraising goals. Once you have them on board, creating a meaningful experience worthy of their time can then lead to lifelong engagement and sustained success.

Join us at this live event and learn how to approach and manage leadership volunteer recruitment and sustainable engagement for major donors while cultivating these relationships as a central part of your fundraising strategies.

Who should attend?

This training is for advancement and institutional leaders who currently work with high-level donors or with major donors who aspire to serve on academic, philanthropic, and advisory boards.


September 27, 2022

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

Aligning Leadership Volunteer Passions to Fundraising Strategy

Your leadership volunteers are willing to utilize their valuable time and resources to help support institutional goals. Yet, if you don’t clearly define and articulate precisely how they can help, they may take their volunteer efforts elsewhere. Learn how to engage with leadership volunteers by understanding how to sustain a relationship with them, recognize them for their contributions, and align their purpose or values with your fundraising strategy.


Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Leadership Volunteers

Once you have a committed volunteer, you must ensure that their experience is meaningful. By involving them in planning documents, white papers, and strategic initiatives focused on the direction of where leadership wants to take the institution, treating them as year-round partners serving a specific purpose will best ensure that they remain invested. Learn how to secure buy-in from leadership that helps to incorporate the expertise and willingness of your leadership volunteers to serve.


Examining the Profiles of Successfully Engaged Leadership Volunteers for Your own Program

Most leadership volunteers have a long history of giving and service to their institutions. Using donor profiles as examples, learn the ways in which leadership volunteers have been involved with the University of Houston as their fundraising advanced over their lifetimes. You will walk away with a better understanding of the type of donor you want for the specific fundraising strategy you have planned.