Creating a Case Manager Role to Better Serve At-Risk Students


Creating a Case Manager Role to Better Serve At-Risk Students


Table of Contents


Learn how your campus can better respond to the needs of at-risk students by utilizing a case manager approach.




Institutional context: The rise of student concerns on college and university campuses

  • Rise in psychological disabilities
  • Legal issues
  • Institutional response: policy, practice, and organizational strategy
    • Counseling and health services
    • Behavioral intervention teams
    • Case managers

The field of case management

  • Background and history
  • Relationship to other units on campus

Implementing case management on your campus

  • Considerations for a new position
    • Sample job descriptions; recommendations on what to look for in a candidate
    • Common organizational structures, reporting lines
    • Recommended daily/weekly/monthly duties
    • Resources needed
  • Best practices and limitations
  • Resources

Final Q&A




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