Assessing Incoming Student Readinessfor Online Learning


Assessing Incoming Student Readinessfor Online Learning


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Learn what questions you should be asking, what competencies you should be assessing for, and how you should administer your assessment.


Understanding Student Readiness
In this short section, we will talk through the concept of student readiness in the online learning environment and explain what kinds of factors you should be assessing for.

  • Why intake assessment?
  • Success vs. persistence factors
  • How to determine what’s needed
  • In-house vs. outsourcing considerations

Types, Formats and Examples of Assessments and Interventions
In this section, which is the “heart†of the webcast, we will provide several examples of the kinds of assessments that can lead to a deeper understanding of student readiness in the online learning environment. We will also suggest and show examples of types of interventions that you can undertake to improve readiness depending on the results of your assessments.

  • Proficiency Tests
  • Student Self-Assessments
  • Self-Paced Training
  • Online student orientations
  • Competency-based evaluations (prior learning)
  • Institutional examples


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