FERPA Lessons and Quizzes

Last updated May 31, 2017

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May 31, 2017

FERPA Lessons and Quizzes

Last updated May 31, 2017

Track your team’s FERPA course completion and earn certificates.


This member exclusive package of six 20-30 minute practice lessons with educational quizzes will help your entire front-line staff test their FERPA knowledge. Each lesson covers specific nuances of FERPA as they pertain to a department or campus area. FERPA affects every area of campus, so use these resources to train current and future faculty and staff and build your FERPA training library. Practice lessons include:

  • FERPA vs. HIPAA (Student Health and Counseling Departments)
    • What falls under the purview of HIPAA and FERPA
    • How to store and protect health information
    • How to comply with client/patient privileges while managing health/threat assessments
  • FERPA and Athletics
    • When to release information for rosters, websites, and the press
    • Sharing scholarship and financial aid information
  • FERPA and Front-Line Customer Service Staff
    • Parents, students, and 3rd parties—what you can share
    • Emails, calls, faxes, letters, and storage—how to share and protect privacy
  • FERPA and Academic Advising
    • Sharing class rosters, attendance, and grades
    • Sharing information between faculty, staff, and students
  • FERPA and Campus Safety and Security
    • Responding to campus safety issues that involve students
    • What can/cannot be shared with local police, the community, and parents
  • FERPA and Faculty
    • Taking attendance, posting grades, and other course communication
    • What you can and cannot use to identify students: online, in-person, on paper

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Who should attend?

There are very few areas of a college or university that FERPA does not impact. Whether the role is a registrar, a financial aid officer, a housing professional, a faculty member, or a coach–all of these and more need ongoing practice and a review of FERPA regulations.


What You Get

We have designed these practice lessons for you to ensure that your entire front-line staff is up to date on FERPA regulations. With your registration, you can:

  • Get permanent access to six training links
  • Take quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Onboard new employees to bring them up to speed on FERPA
  • Refresh current staff on FERPA regulations
  • Have consistent training for your entire staff
  • Track your staff’s completion of this course and earn certificates


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