Working with Institutional Data for Student Retention


Working with Institutional Data for Student Retention


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portrait of Bernadette Jungblut portrait of Margot Saltonstall


Bernadette Jungblut
Assoc. Provost for Accreditation, Academic
Planning, and Assessment
Central Washington University


Margot Saltonstall
Assoc. Vice President for Enrollment Management
and Student Affairs, Northern Arizona University

Course Highlights

  • 2hr 30m of video instruction
  • Downloadable resources

Course Details

Released 11/13/2020

Institutional Research (IR) data is a powerful tool for understanding attrition, planning programs, and predicting enrollment. Student affairs and enrollment professionals often yearn for access to data, but when they do have access, they may struggle with distilling the information they need, using data effectively, and working with IR departments to ask the right questions.

After participating in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define factors associated with retention
  • Recognize patterns and correlations
  • Communicate with IR teams to effectively examine data

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