Staying Competitive in Advancement: A Conversation on Talent Development

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Staying Competitive in Advancement: A Conversation on Talent Development

Recruitment, retention, and developing career pathways—share and learn what advancement talent development is focused on for the next 3-5 years, and what challenges they’re facing today.


Advancement shops have traditionally competed within higher ed to recruit and retain top talent in fundraising. Over the past couple of years, institutions and other non-profits have become even more aggressive in what they’re able to offer candidates to join, stay, and grow in their roles. However, not all institutions have been able to keep up. With higher salaries and more permanent remote options, shops that are unable to compete with these latest trends are seeing a dearth of qualified candidates for their open positions, resulting in greater workloads for those who want to remain at their institution. These trends are not sustainable, and professional development has become an important strategy to increase retention among those who choose to stay at their respective institution.

From the talent development perspective, join us to discuss these topics and trends, as well as the type of professional development advancement needs to focus on over the next 3-5 years to stay competitive.

We will explore answers to such questions as:

  • What recruitment and retention strategies are you employing when unable to match higher salaries?
  • How are you developing career pathways?
  • What have you been learning in both stay and exit interviews?

You’ll leave this discussion with a greater understanding of what talent development in advancement is facing, as well as with new ideas and connections to improve upon the work you’re doing to recruit, retain, and grow your team.

Who should attend?

This conversation is intended for talent development professionals within advancement. Additionally, if you’re an advancement leader who needs to recruit and retain your team more effectively, you will also benefit from attending this conversation.