Preparing for Difficult Conversations as Faculty 

Last updated December 8, 2023

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December 8, 2023

Preparing for Difficult Conversations as Faculty 

Last updated December 8, 2023

Preparation for a difficult conversation is half the battle—join us to learn how to prepare and deliver intended messages.


Whether through conflicts in research groups, having to negotiate boundaries around service, or dealing with academic dishonesty in students, faculty can often be confronted with the need for difficult conversations. But even knowing there is a need, it is all too easy to avoid the hard conversations due to overwhelming emotions, discomfort with conflict, or fear of the situation escalating. Preparing for difficult conversations beforehand can therefore help faculty feel more of a sense of control over the situation as well as helping to manage their internal narrative.  

Join us for a one-hour training on how to prepare for difficult conversations as faculty. Drawing from Anita Kite’s work in Managing Difficult Conversations as Faculty, we will walk through the four precautions in preparation, including:  

  • Mindreading 
  • Creating a rough draft in your head 
  • Putting yourself in another’s shoes  
  • Different power dynamics at play 

You will have the chance to reflect on how you would respond to some specific scenarios, and to plan for any difficult conversations you may need to have using helpful tips and strategies.

Who should attend?

Faculty at all stages of their careers, whether they have an upcoming difficult conversation to prepare for or just want to gain the necessary skills for when a difficult conversation occurs, will benefit most from this session. In addition, staff or academic leaders who want to learn more about how to have difficult conversations will find the information useful.