Instructional Strategies for Blended Learning

Last updated November 30, 2012

Course Length

1h 34m

Last Updated

November 30, 2012

Instructional Strategies for Blended Learning

Last updated November 30, 2012


Instructional strategies that have evolved in classrooms and lecture halls typically have minimal success in blended instruction. To teach well in the blended environment, instructors need to explore new pedagogical options and craft learning activities that fit the medium.

Join us online to learn key strategies for teaching successfully in blended courses and effective practices for engaging your students. Our expert instructor will share examples of courses that demonstrate effective student engagement and sound instructional practices in a blended format.

Who should attend?

Institutions already offering blended courses will gain new insight into how to improve their teaching and student engagement. Institutions at the early stages of offering blended courses will gain insight into how to develop their courses and prepare their faculty more successfully from the start. This event is ideal for faculty, faculty developers, and instructional designers who want to learn how to develop effective and efficient strategies to foster student engagement and success in blended learning.


  • Student engagement
    • What does this mean to you and your students?
    • NSSE survey
    • Case study: Classroom survey of student engagement (CLASSE)
      • Five clusters of effective educational practices
        • Active and collaborative learning
        • Student interactions with faculty members
        • Level of academic challenge
        • Enriching educational experiences
        • Supportive campus environment
  • Blended learning
    • What are the opportunities?
    • What are the challenges?
    • Case study: Most effective aspects of a blended course
  • Roles of a successful teacher in a blended environment
    • What are they?
    • Seven principles of blended learning and associated teaching strategies
    • Case study: Challenges impacting success