Scaling Experiential Learning Across Campus

Last updated October 4, 2019

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October 4, 2019

Scaling Experiential Learning Across Campus

Last updated October 4, 2019

Do you need more structure and support for your experiential learning efforts?


Whether at the unit, college, or university-wide level, many institutions today are striving to scale experiential learning across the curriculum. But given the highly decentralized nature of current efforts around experiential learning, standardizing and scaling is no small feat.

Join us for a webcast that will show you how the University of New Brunswick is working to scale experiential learning across the entire institution. Sarah King, Director of Experiential Education, will walk you through some ways you can get started with this effort on your own campus, including:

  • How to audit where experiential learning is already happening within your institution
  • How to identify champions early on to gain buy-in for larger initiatives
  • How to prioritize different types of experiential learning (curricular vs. co-curricular)

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in expanding experiential learning across the curriculum (at the department, college, or institutional levels) will benefit from this webcast. This includes faculty, career services professionals, chairs, deans, provosts, and directors or coordinators of experiential learning.


  1. Taking Stock of Existing Experiential Learning Across Campus – Learn how to use surveys and listening tours to find out what’s already happening.
  2. Identifying Areas of Focus – Now that you have your inventory of experiential learning across campus, you need to evaluate the pool of curricular and co-curricular initiatives to decide “where to place your chips.”
  3. Diving In – Get suggestions for how to steadily build infrastructure and support for experiential learning while still offering opportunities to students (“riding the bicycle as you build it”).