Develop Your Impact Reporting Strategy

Last updated October 12, 2020

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October 12, 2020

Develop Your Impact Reporting Strategy

Last updated October 12, 2020

Enhance donor stewardship through an improved reporting strategy.


Impact reports can be one of your most valuable donor stewardship and cultivation tools, but shops often lack an overall strategy to implement them efficiently and effectively. Especially now, when many advancement teams are facing reduced resources, reporting can be challenging and time consuming.

No matter the size of your shop, you will leave this webcast with strategies for planning and scaling the work of impact reports in order to more successfully steward donors at all levels of the giving pyramid.


During this one-hour webcast, our expert speaker will walk you through the following considerations:

  • Building Infrastructure and Refining Processes
  • Tiering and Scaling Your Effort
  • Metrics to Demonstrate ROI

A Training for Any Shop, No Matter Your Size or Resources

If you are a one-person shop trying to create impact reports, you will learn how to streamline your information gathering and maximize your reach through broad-based impact reports. If you are a part of a larger shop, you will learn how to effectively build your infrastructure to take your reports to the next level. We will talk through how to strategize your impact reporting process by identifying priority reports, developing metrics to measure and evaluate return on investment, and developing content that resonates with your donors.