21st Century Leadership Skills

Course Length

2h 10m

21st Century Leadership Skills

Prepare yourself for workforce success by building key leadership skills.


As you look to move into the workplace, it is more important than ever to expand your leadership abilities in order to be successful. Although you will have learned key content and practiced skills like creativity and collaboration in your classes, employers often report that graduates do not possess the level of preparedness in leadership skills needed to be successful in their careers. This course is designed to reinforce and help you to demonstrate your ability to work in increasingly global and collaborative work environments. 

This course covers the following topics:  

  • Cross-cultural understanding – how you understand different cultures, and how you can be more respectful to others regardless of their backgrounds 
  • Communication and storytelling – how to share your narrative and understand those of others in the workplace 
  • Inclusive teamwork and collaboration – how you can work with diverse teams 
  • Critical thinking – how to diagnose and fully understand a problem before attempting to solve it 
  • Creativity – how to stretch your mind and bring creativity into your daily work

This course consists of five modules encompassing leadership skills that will benefit you in the workplace. Each module includes several short videos and accompanying workbook prompts and activities, with each designed to take you about 50-75 minutes per module. We recommend pacing them out to one module per week, but you can complete the activities at your own pace!

Who should attend?

Students in colleges and universities who are interested in expanding their skills and developing an agile mindset to prepare for a future career will benefit most from this course.