DEI Foundations: Intersectionality in Higher Education


DEI Foundations:
Intersectionality in Higher Education

Take an intersectional approach to create more inclusive environments for your students and colleagues.

In order for your students and colleagues to feel that they are a part of an inclusive environment, they must feel whole, seen, and affirmed. Intersectionality is a theoretical framework that illustrates how social identities are interconnected and create overlapping systems of oppression. By having an intersectional mindset when engaging with your students and colleagues, you are better able to demonstrate that they can be their full selves. Having this kind of mindset requires us to engage in critical reflection and take action to remove barriers that obstruct our students’ and colleagues' pathway to success.

This course will take a foundational approach to help you:

  • Develop an understanding of the historical context and definition of intersectionality.
  • Identify and explore how your own intersecting identities shape your professional practice.
  • Be able to implement strategies to build more inclusive learning environments that help your students and colleagues thrive.

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning about the concept of intersectionality within a higher education setting. This course is most beneficial to anyone unfamiliar with the concept of intersectionality or interested in exploring the application of this concept within the context of higher education.

This course is part of our foundational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series—an intentional collection of personal development and skill building trainings—which provide education and awareness-building, self-reflection, and ways to speak up and take action.

The following lessons are included with this course.

Course Highlights

  • 34 total minutes of video instruction
  • 10 short videos
  • 3 reflective activities
  • 1 comprehensive downloadable workbook
  • Valued at $395. Free for members.

97% of Participants Are Satisfied With Our Video Courses

“Perfect companion training to DEI focused Training. Focused on the understanding of identities and how they influence us , intersect with each other, and how this fits into our work and personal lives."

“This video course makes me think deeply about a topic I had not considered in depth: intersectionality. It was presented in an approachable and concise way and gave me valuable tips on how to utilize what I learned to create a more inclusive and empathetic classroom environment.”

- Lauren Nolfo-Clements, PhD

Professor and Chair of Biology, Suffolk University

“This was a succinct, informative and interesting course. It was easy to understand, navigate and implement some of the ideas.”

- Labris Willendorf

Kresge College Academic Manager, UC Santa Cruz

“This course is one that I recommend to anyone working in higher education. It is easy to navigate and reminds us to keep intersecting identities in mind when working with students and colleagues. The workbook is a great resource and reflective journal that challenges and inspires those who fill it out."

- Lauren Rocha

Assistant Professor of Practice, English, and First-Year Writing Coordinator, Merrimack College

“Dr. Gardner was excellent. She presented this information in a way that kept me, someone who has done presentations on this themselves, engaged. I appreciated the angles in which she informed. I appreciate the length of the videos, which did not overwhelm. From the history to practical applications, this session is a great foundational overview of intersectionality and reflections on personal identities."

- Nicole Williams

Project and Program Manager for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Special Initiatives, Merrimack College


Portrait of Paige Gardner

Dr. Paige Gardner

Assistant Dean of Students and CARE Case Manager, Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Paige J. Gardner (she/her/hers) has a depth of experience in crisis management, facilitating diversity & equity trainings, identity development workshops, and professional development retreats for college students, staff, and faculty. Her research agenda focuses on gender-equity in the workplace as well as scholar-practitioner identity development. As a queer, Black, Woman of Color, Paige finds great importance in advocating, empowering, and building solidarity-based coalitions with and for those on the margins of society. Inspired by the African proverb, Ubuntu, “I am, because we are,” Paige builds community, cultivates change, and creates space for others to take lead.

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