An Introspective Look at Higher Ed Leadership’s Impact on Trust, Morale, and Retention

Political interference, campus protests, demographic cliff(s), rising costs, and campus closures are all contributing to the public’s declining trust in higher education. But it’s not just the public. Respected and “star” faculty and administrators are also losing faith and continue to show signs of disenchantment, anxiety, and mistrust. In fact, 57% of faculty and staff […]

Overcoming the 5 Key Challenges to Sustaining a Positive Culture of Service Excellence

You’ve embraced the idea of enhancing customer service on your campus, you’ve provided training for your team, and now the hard part begins—maintaining momentum! This free webcast will discuss five key challenges to sustaining a culture of service and how you can overcome them. The five challenges are:  Join us for this virtual learning experience developed […]

Elevate and Energize: 4 Key Strategies for High Impact Leadership Retreats

Many higher ed leaders organize leadership retreats to jump-start planning and build cohesion among their senior teams, but few retreats are as effective as they could be. In this free webcast, we’ll help you design a retreat that is more purposeful, that builds trust through collaboration, and that engages all voices and perspectives on your […]

Collaboration: The Secret to Breaking Free from the “Do More with Less” Mindset

Most institutions today are struggling with budget and enrollment challenges. When leaders compete for limited resources, it often creates a “zero-sum” mindset where some people are winners and others are losers. This dynamic causes people to protect themselves and their “turf” rather than working together to address hard problems.   This hour-long webinar will delve into […]

Achieving your Career Goals with an Executive Coach

Are you seeking strategies for challenging conversations and getting buy-in from stakeholders? Are you trying to plan for career advancement but struggling with learning new skills and how to position yourself? Are you looking to develop yourself as a professional but are challenged by a new role and little guidance? Come learn how working with […]

The 3 Critical Elements to Include in Department Chair Training 

Chairs occupy an essential position on our campuses, sitting at the intersection point that connects our faculty to institutional strategy, context, and culture. They also make some of the most impactful decisions that shape the university, overseeing decisions related to hiring, promotion, and curriculum. Yet for most institutions, the support and training available to chairs […]

Accelerating Education: Unveiling the Impact of 3-Year Degrees in Higher Learning

Given the changing needs of both students and employers, there is growing institutional interest in three-year degree programs across higher education. Join us for a free webinar to explore the benefits, challenges, and implications of offering a three-year degree program, which allows students to complete in a condensed time frame. Through facilitated discussion with our […]

The College of The Future: Academic Program Innovation for Tomorrow’s Student 

With the rapid pace of changing student demand, shifting institutional priorities, and ballooning costs today, it’s more challenging than ever to compete for enrollment. In this webinar, we’ll share a rubric for evaluating new program opportunities and discuss how to use a portfolio management approach to innovate your academic offerings while lowering departmental costs. We’ll […]