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“Using and engaging an executive coach is not a symptom of weakness or insecurity, but rather a tool for the development of your own leadership.”

- Dr. Carol Christ, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

Executive coaching can help you gain clarity in your career, increase your level of self-awareness, hone your skill set, and reach your full potential within the context of higher education. We work with a panel of carefully vetted coaches who each have extensive experience in a diverse range of universities and colleges. Whether you are considering a move to administration, taking the next step to a deanship or presidency, or wanting to more effectively lead your team of fundraisers, our team of coaches can help higher ed leaders at all levels.

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Executive Coaching Designed Specifically for Higher Education

Our team at Academic Impressions is uniquely positioned to support your leadership development in higher education with coaching. We have designed thousands of leadership trainings and connected with leaders from colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Through these experiences we have developed an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the industry: shared governance, the unique role of faculty, strong egalitarian culture, challenges transitioning from faculty to administrative leadership, a consensus mentality, the dozens of stakeholders affected by decisions, the slow pace of change, and many others.

Combining our research expertise with an extensive vetting process, our partnered coaches are uniquely primed to serve your specific higher education needs. We have worked closely with our partnered coaches and have vetted those who have deep expertise in higher education and who share diverse and dynamic insights in leadership development. To ensure the most productive relationship, you get to choose the coach who best fits your needs, knowing they have been carefully selected to offer insights into the key concerns of higher education today.

Packages start at $6,500

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Join us online for our free Friday Forum webcasts, a series of facilitated conversations with our coaches. Each week, our featured coach will begin with a guided conversation followed by an open space for participants to ask questions.

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Take the Next Step in Your Leadership Career

Leadership Coach Testimonials

Portrait of Michael Iwama

Michael Iwama
Professor, Chief Program Strategist, Duke University 

"The context was coaching as a 'rookie' Dean through his transition from Department Chair and Professor to being Chief Academic Officer for a Health Professions Graduate School. In this process I learned a lot about myself; how to apply my strengths and abilities effectively in the contexts of the Dean's Office, as well as respond appropriately to the challenges faced in high performance environments.

Portrait of Amy Harkins

Amy Harkins
Chair and Professor, Department of Clinical Health Sciences, Doisy College of Health Sciences, Saint Louis University

"Nearly 8 months into a global pandemic as an academic chair of a large and complex clinical health department, I found myself as a stressed and frazzled person, having navigated the educational challenges of advancing a department and students through an online pivot, clinical delays, and working around the clock every day in my home office.

female silhouette

Tenured Faculty Member

"Jennifer Swanberg was a generous and wise guide to all things related to my academic career. She astutely noticed when I lacked confidence and pushed me to rethink my approach to many things. I signed up for her coaching expecting that she would help me find ways to add more responsibilities and events to my calendar, but ultimately her very welcome advice was to step back from some commitments.

How Our Executive Coaching Compares to Other Programs


Get Real Results from Your Investment

Executive coaching is a serious investment in yourself and you will want to get real results. Our model is focused on learning and action within higher education for you to:

  • Set and achieve personal and institutional priorities
  • Enhance your productivity, effectiveness, and fulfillment as a leader
  • Reinforce your strengths and overcome limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • Navigate transitions and conflict within changing trends in higher education

Our Coaches Have Extensive Experience in Higher Education

Peter Cimbolic

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Chris Coward

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Mary McGuinness

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Christine Quinn

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Steve Riccio

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Clint Sidle

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Beth Weinstock

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Karen M. Whitney

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FAQs About Coaching

Q: Isn’t coaching for people who can’t do their job correctly?

A: In our experience, and from what we have learned from high performing leaders, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Coaching is about building on the success you’ve already had. It’s about continued growth and personal development.


Q: How is my coach selected? I don’t want to be paired with some random person!

A: We hear you! Our process includes a thorough coaching selection process that is driven by you and your unique needs. Under no circumstances will you be forced into a coaching relationship.


Q: How long does this coaching process last?

A: You are in control of your process for professional growth. At Academic Impressions, our standard coaching length is 20 coaching sessions over 12 months; however, we can customize a coaching package that aligns with your goals and trajectory.


Q: What if I need extra time to talk to my coach?

A: You have the freedom to connect with your coach at any time between scheduled appointments if you need advice, have a problem, or want to share a success. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this extra time and you will not be billed for it. Further, you can email as often as you would like.