Funding Campus Priorities: A Whole-Campus Effort

Cover: Funding Campus Priorities

In This Issue

  • A Whole-Campus Effort: Why the Campaign Matters to You
  • Collaborative Planning for the Campaign
  • Supporting the Work of the Campaign
  • Local Business and Community Leaders and Your Campaign

August 2012. As the higher education landscape becomes increasingly competitive, and as both the challenges and the opportunities facing your institution become increasingly complex, it’s critical that the goal-setting and the work of raising funds to finance the pursuit of your institution’s mission become an enterprise-wide endeavor, not just a function of the development office.

The more that the whole campus takes ownership for the campaign, the more effective the campaign is likely to be — not only in raising funds, but in building stronger and more committed donor relationships and ensuring that the most critical priorities of the institution are those that see funding.

We asked an academic dean, a provost, leaders in student affairs and enrollment management, several lead fundraising and campaigns consultants, and a head advancement officer to offer their insights. We hope their advice will be useful to you.

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