Increase Your Scholarly Productivity

Increase Your Scholarly Productivity

Obtain the publication record you want by focusing on your unique scholarly contributions.

Especially in the early stages of your career, you need to grow your identity as an independent scholar. But you might receive feedback from a mentor or a reviewer that they “don’t hear your voice” in your writing. Or more commonly, you might sense that the articles you want to write aren’t even getting written. How exactly can you lead with your voice to find momentum throughout the publication process and increase your scholarly productivity?

Watch this free video course to learn practical writing tips that emphasize your unique contributions to the field in these parts of the process:

  • Writing the abstract
  • Selecting your journal
  • Reviewing the literature
  • Editing the words on the page

You will learn to identify, clarify, and communicate your argument. Through the completion of nine course exercises, you will make actual progress toward publication of a specific manuscript.


Who Will Benefit

Early-career faculty, faculty shifting fields or writing genres, or those struggling from inefficiency or burnout will especially benefit from this course.

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The following lessons are included with this course.

Course Highlights

  • 1 hr, 22 min of content
  • 27 short videos
  • Workbook with 9 exercises
  • Bank with 25 examples
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Allison DiBianca Fasoli, Ph.D.

Allison is a faculty coach, developmental-cultural psychological researcher, and educator. As a nationally funded, mixed methods researcher with 15 years of experience in higher education, she understands the unique opportunities and challenges that faculty members face today as they navigate research, teaching, and service.

Allison’s coaching process is informed by decades of researching and teaching about concepts related to learning processes, motivation, decision-making, self-concepts and identity, and theories of human growth and development. Drawing on her background in qualitative interviewing and in counseling and clinical psychology, Allison attends to subtle shifts in energy and emotional tones, allowing her clients to clarify what they want, open possibilities for action, and make decisions they can trust.

Allison earned her Wellness Coaching certificate from Emory University and is currently earning an advanced degree in counseling and clinical psychology. She also has training in Academic Coaching through Landmark College and training in scholarly writing through the University of Chicago’s Writing Program. She unites these areas of wellness and academic coaching together with her background in higher education to coach faculty at the intersection of work, identity, and wellbeing. Whether faculty are feeling over-committed, anxious, stuck, or simply want to increase their research productivity, Allison’s aim is to help faculty improve their academic work and personal well-being at the same time, such that faculty can engage more intentionally and with greater energy, clarity, and confidence.

How Coaching Can Help

Our faculty coaching package is an individualized program designed to support you as you establish yourself and excel as a scholar, take charge of your career, balance numerous competing demands, and provide accountability to help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Us?

You will be paired with skilled coaches who have extensive experience in higher education and understand first-hand the demands of balancing teaching, service, and research.

Our faculty coaching program is suitable for and customizable to all experience levels—whether you are tenure track, mid-career, or senior faculty, our coaches will work with you to identify your personalized needs and goals.

Coaching Can Help Faculty To:

Navigate the Tenure Track Process

Maintain Productivity

Step Up Your Leadership

Steer Your Career

Establish Your Academic Legacy

Build Your Network