Keys to Creating a Powerful Partnership Between Advising and Career Services at Your Institution

Keys to Creating a Powerful Partnership Between Advising and Career Services at Your Institution

August 8, 2018 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EDT

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A partnership between advising and career services is a crucial building block for a larger student success network. Learn how to do it well.

Institutions everywhere are looking for ways to integrate academic advising and career services functions into a coordinated or unified approach. Join us online to learn how Florida Atlantic University was able to cross-train their advising and career services teams to gain an understanding of each other’s knowledge base and ultimately build a more cohesive model. You will learn how to accomplish this difficult work on your own campus.

Note: This training focuses on how your teams can build the right structures to enable effective interactions with students; it will not focus as much on specific interactions with students.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for leaders of advising and career service who are looking to develop stronger partnerships between the two offices.



This webcast will focus on how you can cross-training advising and career services staff to help both teams better understand how:

  1.       Coursework supports particular career paths
  2.       Student interactions can be made more consistent and impactful
  3.       A central communications database is integral in providing informed, seamless support
  4.       Shared messages at admissions, orientation, and FYE events help develop relationships with the university


We will close by sharing some advice on how this partnership can become part of a larger success network.


Joe Murray
Assistant Dean: Undergraduate Studies, University Advising Services
Florida Atlantic University

Joe has worked to guide students toward academic success for over 24 years. He is a certified Appreciative Advisor and works tirelessly to support underrepresented students.

Read Joe's Full Bio.


Brian M. Montalvo
Senior Director- Career Advising, Counseling & Education
Florida Atlantic University

Brian Montalvo and his team help students build toward their futures by helping them gain or refine career readiness skills required to succeed into meaningful careers.

Read Brian's Full Bio.

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Elizabeth Hubbell
Senior Program Manager, Academic Impressions

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