Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Retention Programming Digital Recording


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Product Description

Learn how to gather and use student outcomes data to make smarter decisions about your retention programs. You will walk through real life examples of how data analysis can be used to make programmatic decisions based on factors like retention, academic performance, and student progress. Gain the knowledge you need to:

  • Ask the right questions to get the data and type of analysis you need
  • Interpret the results of your analysis and see nuance in your data
  • Use your analysis to make smarter programmatic decisions

Whether or not you have a data background, you will be able to apply what you learn to better gauge the effectiveness of your student success programming.

Who Should Attend

Student affairs professionals who would like to learn how to better connect statistical analysis results with programmatic decisions regarding their retention programs will benefit from this webcast.

Learning Outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to better connect student outcomes data to programmatic decisions.


  • Getting your data
    • Partnering effectively to obtain the programmatic data you need
    • How do I know what questions to ask to get the data I need?
    • How do I know which type of analysis to ask for?
  • Understanding your data
    • Interpreting the results of your statistical analysis
    • Finding nuance in the data
    • Working example: descriptive statistical results
    • Working example: multivariate regression analysis results
  • Making data-informed decisions  
    • Building a data-informed decision-making culture
    • Translating results into programmatic decisions


Margot Saltonstall, Director of Analytics & Assessment for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Northern Arizona University

Margot earned her PhD in Educational Psychology, earned her Master’s in Cultural Anthropology and has worked in K-12 and higher education assessment for over twenty years. Currently, she is the director of the Analytics and Assessment Office, overseeing assessment activities and analysis for the fourteen departments in the division of Enrollment Management and Students Affairs (EMSA) at Northern Arizona UniversityIn partnership with EMSA departments, the office conducts strategic analysis and meaningful assessment to positively impact student recruitment and enrollment, enhance the student experience, and improve student success.