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New learning spaces require a significant amount of institutional resources and present a great opportunity—but only if you appropriately support and engage your faculty. Having a sustainable faculty development program maximizes the impact that new learning spaces have on the quality of student learning and advances in instructor pedagogy.

Join us to learn how to implement a sustainable faculty support plan that engages faculty over the long term to improve student learning and maximize the learning space. We will also examine the essential stakeholders within the process and the most crucial topics to cover in expanding the impact of new learning spaces.

Who Should Attend

Designed specifically for faculty development professionals, instructional technologists, and academic leaders, this online training will benefit anyone who is responsible for developing and engaging faculty to teach in new learning spaces.

Additional Resources

Learning Spaces Faculty Survey – gauging faculty comfort and knowledge in the use of new learning technology will help set a standard and level for the design of faculty development offerings.

Learning Outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to support and engage faculty teaching in new learning spaces.


  • Sustainable faculty development structure
  • Utilizing different stakeholders
    • Instructional designers
    • Peer to peer
    • Student assistants
  • Faculty incentive strategies
  • Strategies in addressing essential topics
    • Designing a Learning Spaces Faculty Survey
    • Converting existing courses to fit new classrooms
    • Introducing technology in course design
    • Preparing students for new pedagogy
    • Implementing new student assessment


Gary M. Pavlechko, Director, Teaching Technology, Office of Educational Excellence, Ball State University

Gary Pavlechko’s primary responsibility is to oversee the daily operation of the Office of Educational Excellence that supports on-campus teaching through faculty development, like the Interactive learning space initiative for active learning teaching.

Pavlechko has presented and written about this faculty development model at the National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms, at the Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference, and in the soon-to-be-published Learning in Higher Education Anthology, Learning Spaces in Higher Education.

Kathleen L. Jacobi, Ph.D., Interim Director, Office of Educational Excellence, Ball State University

In her role as assistant director, Jacobi coordinates the development and delivery of faculty development programs for on-campus instructors as well as offers teaching consultation services to individual faculty and groups.

Jacobi has presented conference sessions regarding various elements of faculty development for several professional organizations including Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL), Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education, and the Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning. She is co-author of the chapter, “Faculty Development: Precursor to Effective Student Engagement in the Higher Education Learning Space,” to be published in Learning Spaces in Higher Education.


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