Build a Team Culture that Embraces Conflict as Productive and Positive



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Conflict can be positive and productive when each other’s differences are respected and understood.


For many, conflict has negative connotations and is something to be feared or avoided. This reaction may arise because conflict often results from differences in values, culture, and bias. Knowing how to respectfully navigate those differences can be difficult, especially when important relationships are at stake. As a leader, there are ways you can foster an environment and create a team culture that embraces differences and resolves conflict in a positive and productive manner.

Join us online to learn how to shift your team’s attitudes and culture around conflict from negative to positive. The process begins with team-building activities that provide your team an opportunity to better assess, understand and respect each other’s styles, attitudes and behaviors around conflict resolution. But the true culture shift happens when you follow through and incorporate those insights into your team’s daily operations and leadership practice. This training is designed to be highly interactive and will allow you to brainstorm and share ways you can help your team be more productive in their own work and with each other.

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As a companion to this training, we recommend that you also join us for Conflict Management on June 16th. This virtual training focuses on how you personally handle conflict and helps you to workshop a specific conflict on your campus.


Who Should Attend

This training will be beneficial for any supervisor or mid-level leader of a team who wants to:

  • Ensure the people they supervise feel supported and respected during conflict
  • Work toward a more productive and positive team culture when it comes to conflict

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July 8, 2021

1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern


Part One: Initiating a culture shift around conflict

Any time you try to influence your team’s culture, it is important to include the team in the understanding and execution of the shift itself. We will discuss how you can:

  • Assess your team members’ attitudes towards conflict using the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Assess your team members’ values using the Life Values Inventory, and have the team share their perspectives on their results



Part Two: Maintaining a positive conflict culture

As a leader you can perpetuate the shift towards positive conflict by:

  • Creating ground rules or group agreements for how conflict is addressed on the team in a respectful way
  • Embracing disagreements in meetings and rewarding healthy conflict
  • Ensuring individual team members feel heard in 1:1 meetings around conflict they are experiencing

In this section, we will break into small groups to discuss strategies and methods to incorporate this into your own team’s culture.



Part Three: What to do when you hit a speed bump

Because cultural shifts take time, it’s important to acknowledge how to deal with discouraged team members and ground people in the fundamental values and collective team goals. In this final section, we will discuss tips and strategies you can use to overcome these hurdles.


Portrait of Roxie J. Patton

Roxie J. Patton (They/She)

Director of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution (SJICR), Rowan University

With nearly 12 years of experience at a variety of institutions, Roxie has worked to support diverse students, faculty, and staff through innovative programming and educational opportunities. In 2018 they received the Omicron Delta Kappa Campus Impact award for their work serving undocumented students and students with disabilities.

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